Bobo & Coco Collectible Series

Discover the wonders of the world with the adorable Bobo and Coco! With 12 collectable figures available in blind boxes, Bobo and Coco hide a secret and rare 13th design waiting to be discovered. Will you be the one to collect them all?

About Bobo and Coco:

Bobo is a tiny white balloon with a broken string. Floating ever so peacefully around the world. One day, Bobo stumbles with Coco, a tiny cloud.

Bobo's expression looks cold, but Coco knows that deep inside, Bobo has a lonely but warm world of his own.

Filled with a newfound curiosity for each other, Bobo and Coco set to explore every corner of the world together.

About this series:

The Bobo and Coco series contains 12 different designs to collect, and 1 hidden editions chase figure randomly appearing in 1/144 boxes.

This series contains:


  • Size: 3 inches / 8cm
  • Medium: Vinyl
  • Producer: Pop Mart
  • Packaging: Blind Box
  • Universe: Bobo & Coco

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All Bobo & Coco are sold in blind boxes. There is a chance of repeat design from different boxes.