HOPPO Ergonomic Baby Hip Carrier Sit

Parenthood can be a real pain - in the back, shoulders and neck. Especially when they start to get heavy but we can't resist holding and snuggling them all day. Enter HOPPO - the solution to all your snuggle cravings!

This hip carrier sit allows the toddler to be held comfortably on either side of the body in the hip carry position, relieving strain on the parent's neck, shoulders and back.

Constructed in an ergonomic 30° angle, the HOPPO keeps your baby comfortably supported in a natural position, where they're able to see and interact with the world while bonding with mom or dad.


  • Relieves mom and dad's neck, back and shoulders
  • Supports your bub in a natural position while bonding up close with mom or dad
  • Perfect for parents who can't stop holding and snuggling their kids!
  • Ideal for parents with existing back, shoulders and neck pain
  • Material: Soft cotton blend
  • Waistline: 30-44in / 75-110cm
  • High-strength buckle closure
  • Includes a handy waist pocket to keep your essentials at hand
  • Weight supported: up to 44lbs / 20kg

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