SPELLTASTIC Educational Spelling Game by Treehole

This adorable set of wooden letters and illustration cards provides children with a fun and entertaining introduction to spelling. Help them learn to spell by associating the illustration in each card with its corresponding letters and correctly assembling the word together!

  • BUILD ON EARLY READING SKILLS - By putting the right letters together to form a word, the child gains important understanding of the mechanics of reading, all aided by the pictures which provide a clue to the word being formed.
  • INTRODUCE KEY PROBLEM-SOLVING SKILLS - An ideal way to help your child develop basic understanding of how to solve simple problems, developing important skills that will help them as they progress on to more difficult tasks.
  • IMPROVE MOTOR SKILLS: Spelltastic is a great way of improving hand-eye coordination and encouraging the development of essential motor skills.
  • INCREASE ATTENTION SPAN & FOCUS - Working towards creating each word provides children with motivation, which in turn helps them develop concentration skills and teaches them the importance of focusing on the task to completion.

Age: 3+
What's in the box? x26 coloured wooden letters, x28 illustration cards
Word difficulty: three- and four-letter words

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